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Quite recently I attended the Foodies festival at Tatton Park with my good friend Karina and her family. I had never been to a foodie festival before so I had no idea what to expect.  When I first got there, I was marvelled at all the sights, and samples to behold! There were tents with hourly masterclasses for foodies and for alcohol lovers too.

There was some companies I had worked with before, and some I had never heard of. I am not ashamed to say I was a little bit excited to be here.

We started the day by having a beautiful and creamy Ice Cream courtesy of the Yummy Yorkshire Ice Cream Company. We sat at the “beach area” (A sand pit with deck chairs, it was so cute) and had our first treat. It really did bring a hint of summer to a typical mancunian summer.

We moved on from there and got a glass of fresh lemonade, so fresh mine had lots of pips in the bottom. I was tempted to go back to Montezumas chocolate stall but as I have already reviewed this, I thought it was best to save my stomach space for new and wonderful experiences.

The grounds were full of different stalls with fantastic offers. For eating there was Paella, Duck and Partridge Kebabs, Wild Boar Burgers and so many different Chilli’s you’d think some were made up. But there was also traditional burger stand, noodles and a good old sausage roll.

AJ, Karina’s partner had a cheeky half of Krombacher lager, which he said was lovely and smooth. Unfortunately I am not much of a lager drinker but I did try a lovely pear cider (that regrettably I did not get the name of) but it was the nicest half of cider I have ever experienced.

Next we came across Adam Marinhas Chilli sauce collection, and they were absolutely amazing. There was very typical sauces, Garlic and Chilli, Peri Peri chilli and BBQ an chilli and then there was the down right weird and wonderful Pineapple and Chilli, Mint and Chilli and many others. I left with 3 bottles!

I had a fantastic day at the foodies festival this year, so when I got an email from Lavazza asking me to come along to Edinburgh, I was so deeply upset I could not get the time off work. However, my sad news is great news for one lucky reader. Courtesy of Lavazza I have one pair of tickets to the Edinburgh Foodies Festival this weekend! Thats right m’lovelys, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what your favourite food is and you could win the chance to grab a bargain, have michelin chefs expose their culinary secrets and learn the wonders of wine tasting. Amazing Yes?!!

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One thing I will say though….. Remember your wellies, unfortunately me and Karina braved it and got bitten… or should I say squelched!!

5 thoughts on “Foodies Festival – Competition

  1. Laura

    My favourite food is definitely sushi … or tempura prawns … or maybe yaki tori. ARGH! This is hard! Basically I’m saying Japanese food is pretty tasty.

  2. Carl Crosse

    I’m very fond of the ‘Bear Nibbles’ fruit snacks as not only are they a healthy snack but they also come with informative animal facts.

    For example did you know that “some wasps hibernate for months hanging by their teeth”.


    1. Ashley Post author

      I did not know that Carl. Did you know some Cockroaches can hold their breath for upto 50 minutes.

      Animals are indeed awesome! :)


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