Happy 16th!!

Today is quite a special day, it’s my little sister’s 16th Birthday. So Happy Birthday to You!

When I was younger, I was always so excited about being 16… I felt it was the start of being a grown up, leaving school and going to college. Being in charge of my own destiny. And now my little baby sister is at this point in her life I feel all nostaligic.

I am so proud of my little sister, she is growing up to be a beautiful, funny young woman, who is determined to succeed. We tend to pretend we hate each other, so I will never say this to her face…haha. 

So Shannon, my dear little sister who I terrorized with horror movies from an early age, who shared my salt and pepper chip fetish in the cold house and who thinks she is Batman – when it is evident I am, in fact.. BATMAN… Happy 16th Birthday. I hope you have an amazing night / week and wear your new shirt with pride ;) (And I hope you love your cake!)

Love you millions. xXx

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