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The Beehive – Review

So, as many of you know me and my boy-shape have recently moved to Glossop, I have already shown you the views but another great thing about living here is my neighbours. I have literally moved right next door to a couple whom I work with and who I am friends with… which after my last place (where the neighbours didn’t burgle us purely to the fact we had a big dog, but a dog doesn’t stop their music until 2am!) is a breath of fresh air. I love gossips over the garden fence and having a Zumba partner!

As I have not asked permission to use names, let’s call my neighbours Joe and Jess.(Until I eventually mention this to them)

Joe suggested we go to the pub at the top of the road, the landlords wife is from Thailand so there is a selection of nice Thai foods as well as traditional English dinners.Joe also said that we simply MUST get Yom’s special fried rice. When we were both finally settled Dave suggested we try it out. Inside my head I was super giddy but I don’t think he could tell from my little jig in the kitchen. Continue reading

Missoula Bar Piccadilly – Review.

I remember being a single girl, Me and my close friend Lyndsay used to practically be sewn at the hip. Even if we wasn’t donning a pretty dress and partying the weekends away, we used to have cosy nights in and watch movies and eat cupcakes.We fondly referred to each other as “the wife” .  When we met our boyfriends we used to say things wouldn’t change, the men will just have to get used to the way we roll…

But, as I’m sure happens with everybody – we spent more and more time with our partners and less and less time together. Party dresses were swapped for sloppy PJ’s and Chinese Takeaway…  And the only dresses I wear now are for date nights with my partner, Which I love every second of! But I really miss my friend, so when we got the rare oppurtunity for a catch up, I jumped at the opportunity.

Because we were meeting after work, we wanted somewhere central and not too pricey. Missoula seemed like the perfect place. As well having a good reputation for being stylish and varied, It serves food and wine… Bingo.

First thing I noticed when we got in the bar was how clean it was. It wasn’t quiet, but not too overcrowded. The music wasn’t too loud – it was a very pleasant atmosphere.

There are lots of offers on the drinks and the menu. Some day’s you get deals on set meals (for example, burger or a Pizza and a drink for a reduced price) but there is a mini menu where everyday you can get two items for £6.95. Billy Bargains!! We ordered a BBQ Chicken and Bacon Sandwich on Ciabatta with a side of garlic bread and fries.

The food – well for the price was amazing value. The chicken and bacon ciabatta came with a side of rocket. It was very tasty with a sweet and sticky sauce and tender chicken. The bacon was nicely cooked, not crispy and overdone (which a lot of places do).

The chips… well, they were your standard frozen french fries, but for less than £2 – what do you expect eh?

The Garlic Bread, Oh my the garlic bread. I Love Garlic bread in all forms, baguette, ciabattas, dough balls… I could live off Garlic Bread but the garlic bread I tasted at Missoula had a secret ingredient, A simple yet extremely tasty ingredient….. Rosemary. This light, crispy bread was easily the nicest Garlic Bread I have ever tasted. Well worth it’s tiny price .

And to top everything off… It was 2 for 1 on cocktails… Cue the Strawberry Mojito’s.

Overall – For a cheap, tasty meal in a place with lots of atmosphere and character, I would definitely recommend a visit to Missoula Piccadilly.

To discover more about Missoula and find your nearest bar, Click Here to visit their website.